This artwork is a collaborative piece by Marco Lombardo and Marco Natolli, created as a celebratory poster to commemorate the anniversary of Copernicus. It was intended for an artists' call, inviting contributions from various artists. While the project was ultimately not selected for use, both Lombardo and Natolli wished to showcase it to the artistic community.

The design captivates with its dynamic interplay of typography and iridescent molecular structures, weaving together the past and the future. The prominent use of the name "COPERNICO" serves as a tribute to the renowned astronomer, Nicolaus Copernicus, while the modern aesthetics hint at the timeless impact of his discoveries. This poster serves not only as a celebration of Copernicus but also as a testament to the boundless creativity of its creators, Lombardo and Natolli. The piece beautifully marries science and art, embodying the spirit of exploration and wonder that Copernicus himself championed.
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