Let me explain why I created the 'Evangelion AI' project. 

"Evangelion AI" is a live-action adaptation of the legendary anime(by many Reddit users as possibly the worst adaptation.)

However, the choice of actors was not solely based on their suitability for the roles but rather on how well Midjourney recognizes their faces. Many actors who would be perfect for the role of Shinji are not even present in Midjourney's extensive database, so I had to settle for well-known actors.

Why was this done? 
The ultimate goal was not just to create a realistic and possible film adaptation but rather to capture the look and sensations of that anime and bring them into a cinematic context. I wanted to see how well I could adhere to a 'world' that I know well and bring it to life with the help of Midjourney, refining my prompting techniques. Since I started working with this tool, I have always wondered if I could provide the 'artistic direction' instead of being solely guided by what the AI wants to give me.
In reality, this remains just a fun project that I wanted to dedicate some time to, and probably, as mentioned by many Reddit users, it may be considered the worst anime adaptation on the big screen (really? Even after Cowboy Bebop?)

The actors:

Tom Holland is the perfect choice for the conflicted Shinji Ikari, capturing vulnerability and inner turmoil. 
Chloë Grace Moretz's fiery personality and acting range make her an excellent fit for the passionate Asuka Langley.
Isabelle Fuhrman brings an ethereal beauty and enigmatic aura to the mysterious Rei Ayanami. 
Robert Downey Jr.'s charisma and talent add depth to the morally ambiguous Gendō Ikari. 
Chris Pratt's natural charm and charisma make him an ideal fit for the enigmatic Ryji Kaji. 
Alice Braga commands the screen as the determined Misato Katsuragi, conveying both strength and vulnerability. 
Emilia Clarke's impressive acting skills and versatility make her a perfect choice for the brilliant scientist Ritsuko Akagi. 
Pedro Pascal's incredible range and ability to portray mentorship and internal conflict make him an excellent fit for the wise Kozo Fuyutsuki. 
Emma Watson's elegance and intelligence perfectly embody the spirited Mari Makinami. 
Bradley Cooper's versatility as an actor brings humor and depth to the adorable Pen Pen
yes.. ther is a animated trailler too XD
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