This Project is a illustration for the graphic novel project "Foudre" Written and created by Chiara Bonacini. She asked me to crerate a mattpainting work of her timemachine to use in her inforgraphic note at end of the book. i just come up with this! quit two days of work and 70 layers. had a lot of fun!

image creditis :

starting sketch from Chiara bonaccini and her idea of a time machine. From the first sketch we can see a lot of sampling steampunk elements so it was quite simple to give a form and render it.
first render on cinema 4d
render whit all the color in palce, ita has just a lack of details i will add later in ps
so i started mattpainting the background whit this elemnts. i needed a lot of broen concreet to make the landing field look good
and this are some details i added on the time machine
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