Hello comunty

I am writing today to show you my latest personal project. This work was born exclusvly for the Behance Portfolio Reviews Catania that took palce on may 14 2015.

Actually, it was a long time I had this idea of a flaying Vespa and It's been a while that I wanted to realize at a picture in the mood for something like STAR WARS.

I was invited on at the Behance Portfolio Reviews on 8 may but I really worked on the project just 3 days.

I started calling Chiara Bonacini asking her some sketch of my idea and she realized quit a lot that I passed right to Antonio Gravante. Funny story about Antonio that actually we are only "digital friends" we never meet and actually he was on my friends list because he was interviewed by me for the magazine "Robadagrafici", but he was really exited to work with me and to make something great only for the sake of art (and I was freaking exited too to collaborate with one of the top seller, photographer of Fotolia)

I think that lesson that tells this project is: no matter if you are not quite skilled in making photo or anything else because someone will be pleased to collaborate with you out there and come out whit a great work!
Just ASK

I hope you enjoy this project! And I look forward to your comments!
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